ArcheAge says new fresh start servers coming later in 2018

Now that all of ArcheAge’s fresh start realms have been converted to legacy servers, the community is burning with the question of when — if ever — more fresh start servers will be added to the game.

One player took it upon himself to compile pertinent information from Trion’s recent livestream and put it into a helpful video that addresses this very topic. The answer? We could be seeing some fresh start servers later in 2018. Another consideration for the western version is how the Korean version is working on “remastered” servers instead of more fresh start shards.

“We’re interested in doing fresh start servers this year,” said Associate Producer Seraphina Brennan. “That is definitely something that’s on the table. We pushed it back off from December because it didn’t seem like the right time.”

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Isn’t Archage one of the biggest ” pay to win” MMOs out there? Or did they change something recently? I’m honestly curious.



Kickstarter Donor

Great! Now they’ll have more servers that they can merge with others, wiping out all your hard work acquiring land. #NotParticipatingAfterTheBS

Bruno Brito

This shit is equal to shady WoW pservers opening every month.

Nate Woodard

Trion is seriously the biggest problem attached to this game! If it were out of Trion’s I would be playing it right now and enjoying myself immensely!


And let’s be honest, we know exactly how this will go. It happens 100 percent of the time.

1. Launch day? Nah, add another 8 to 12 hours due to network issues.
2. Game is goes up with 8 hour ques regardless of player population.
3. Finally log in and get “Disconnected by the Gods” message, and back in the que you go.
4. Trion admits they underestimated the load. More hardware on the way.
5. Que times improve to an hour.
6. You finally manage to log in and stay on only to find all the good land plots are gone.
7. Hackers grab whatever isn’t bolted down remotely with new and improved buddy app.
8. The Land rush is over and AA is still P2W.

Yup. It will happen exactly like that. Don’t think so, go back and look at the last refresh, any major xpac, initial launch, and early start. Every single time, it happened exactly the same way.


I walked thru one of the Fresh Start servers the other week, and this doesn’t surprise me. What was once a really busy game is now essentially dead. Each zone had one patron with a giant house that seemed to own the area like a personal fiefdom, with 90% of the surrounding land vacant. It was surreal seeing such contested areas so empty.

Still, I’d definitely try the Remastered version despite the near certainity of an aggressive business model. From the video, she seemed much more decisive on fresh start servers anyways. And those I don’t think are worth trying again.


Of course they’re going to keep doing it.

Each time they do this it’s a huge pay day for them as people buy special starter packages and new cash shop purchases/items all over again. Players get the rush of having a new reset and starting fresh all over again which is always fun (especially in a time when new MMOs are rarely coming out). Even from a 1-3 month proposal where you just play for the first 3 months as a temporary game and then leave it has appeal as old rivalries spark up and people go at it until it dies off again.

Toy Clown

They’re giving into the demands of players who don’t even play, who flood the forums with post titles, “Fresh start servers when??”. It boggles me that they cater to this crowd, which causes the vets to leave every time they lose their land and houses they worked hard for when they do server merges.

I can’t even watch this trainwreck of an MMO anymore.


Boggles your mind that they will run up FS servers? Why, its a HUGE payday. 10s of thousands will be made from the 100-150$ dollar packs. This isnt them listening to anyone, its them knowing FS servers = payday.

Bruno Brito

They’re cattering to their bottom line. FS are extremely profitable.

You’re naive.