Project Genom sees 2018 as a pivotal year for development


After teasing word of its “long-awaited” update, Project Genom delivered a development report to fans in the hopes of bringing them up to speed on what’s been done for this sci-fi sandbox over the holidays.

The big push is the preparations being made to transfer the game from the public test realm to the main servers, which includes a lot of fixes and balance tweaks. The team is also working on the basic functionality of its mechs, expanding quests in the world, and adding a new woodland area.

Project Genom grows and develops, though not as fast as we’d like,” the team said. “In any case, this year must be the most important for our game as we plan to bring the project to the level when it will no longer have to be altered. As soon as we reach this development stage we’ll begin to expand the player’s capabilities and prepare Project Genom for the release.”

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The last few updates for this game left a positive impression. Fingers crossed for a good, upcoming Sci-Fi RPG. It’s about time.


Wow!! This is really comin along then. Look forward to it