Multiplayer game show SOS heads to Steam early access this month


Ready to scheme, sabotage, and survive? Then you might just have what it takes to play SOS.

A virtual game show set on a tropical island, SOS throws 16 players into the same area to compete in a 30-minute match. The goal? To find a relic and escape via helicopter. The twist? There can be three winners, which means that players can use voice chat to try to form alliances on the fly and strategize against opponents.

There are monster hordes to contend with as well, so finding weapons and making traps is essential to living through the experience. Additionally, each match will be viewed by a live audience that can give feedback and influence events. What else would you expect from a game that is made up of veterans from Twitch?

You won’t have to wait long to try SOS out, either. The multiplayer title is coming to Steam early access on January 23rd with a sticker price of $30.

Source: Steam
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Robert Mann

Each match will be viewed by a live… er, maybe each match will see the occasional couple of people for a live audience who can mess with the players. *Yeah, don’t see it happening, good luck with that!*

Dro Gul

Seemed like a fun start to a game but $30 for Early Access?

No thanks