World of Warcraft offers Hunters new pet options for Patch 7.2.5

World of Warcraft Hunters who adhere to the ancient code of the Pokémon — gotta catch ’em all — will find themselves five pets short when Patch 7.2.5 arrives. That’s due to a handful of new tamable critters that have been discovered on the public test realm.

Pretty much, these are color variations on pet models that already exist, but still, a new coat of paint gets certain types of players excited. The pets in question are the Ancient Duskcloak, Albino Umbralfin, Elusive Chitinbuk, Crystal Spine Matriarch, and Silithid Sentinel.

The community has tracked down these five beasts, confirmed their existence, and outlined methods to capture them (or at least one in particular, the Duskcloak, which will prove to be tricky to catch).

Additionally, World of Warcraft has starter pets planned for each of the four allied races that are prepped but not confirmed for the patch launch. These are the Lightforged Draenei get a talbuk, the Void Elf gets a voidstalker (thematic!), the Highmountain Tauren gets a great eagle, and the Nightborne gets a manasaber.

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Roger Melly

There was a time when I really looked forward to the evolution of this game through patches and expansions these days I just look forward to it devolving into an earlier form , the classic WoW servers .


I think you mean 7.3.5.

Kevin Smith

Yeah was wondering about that myself.