Elder Scrolls Online breaks out its fourth soundtrack album


Soundtrack lovers, here’s a pleasant surprise for the end of the week: A brand-new album from Composer Brad Derrick and Elder Scrolls Online.

Derrick continues his reign over the game’s score, delivering a 36-track album that includes music from the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Clockwork City DLC. You can pick it up at iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon for $9.

The Elder Scrolls Online soundtrack was one of Massively OP reader’s top 20 picks a while back. We reviewed the Morrowind expansion score not too long ago, calling it “a much more memorable and moving soundtrack with plenty of nostalgic elements.”

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Pleasant surprise indeed.
Some of the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood tracks are among my favorites.

Also available in lossless FLAC format from 7digital.com (with Music of Tamriel vol. 1 and Morrowind soundtrack too).

Matthäus Wey

One of the MMO-Scores I really enjoy listening too. It’s just like the older WoW-Osts where the music was much more ambient-like and less focused on action.