RIFT devs add memorial for fallen player and dimensioneer

The sad and touching saga of a fallen RIFT player continues this week as the game’s developers cement her legacy in the game itself.

You might recall that last month, a long-time RIFT gamer and dimensioneer (a player housing expert, in other words) named Wintercharm was killed in real life in a traffic accident. Even though she was a teenager, Wintercharm had a huge impact on the community and spurred the creation of a massive in-game memorial garden by her friends.

Now, Trion Worlds is making sure that her presence will be remembered as long as RIFT endures. The studio worked hard to add an official memorial to Wintercharm this week, which arrives in the form of a special NPC that gives players “Wintercharm Blossoms” to use in their dimensions.

“I wanted to let her mom know how much her daughter had touched the RIFT community,” wrote developer Tacitus, “that her daughter wasn’t just a customer, but also a valued part of the social fabric that makes up that community. I also wanted to do it for the dimensioneer community, to be some balm to them as well, to help them process and heal from such a loss.”

Source: RIFT. Thanks Zen Dadaist
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