ARK: Survival Evolved shows off the visuals and abilities of its dinosaur TLC pass

Bears &c

The animal denizens of ARK: Survival Evolved could use some improvements of all sorts, and that’s why dinosaurs and mammals alike are being considered in the game’s TLC pass. Curious about what’s changing? There’s an entire post about exactly that, showing off the improved visuals while also talking about how the various critters will be changing. Dire bears, for example, will become immune to bees and capable of aiding in honey-harvesting activities, thus ensuring that there’s another benefit to riding a bear around the map. (The first benefit is riding a bear.)

More precise throws and better movement are coming to the Gigantopithecus, along with the ability to carry smaller creatures as necessary. Wolves are having new scent-based mechanics introduced to ensure that these animals hunt in appropriately dangerous packs. Even the mighty Tyrannosaurus is getting movement improvements so the beast won’t get stuck behind small obstacles as often. It’s a good look at some of what will be coming as the game rolls out these upgrades in a series of patches, so check it out to enjoy the visuals and the improved animal arsenals.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Tanek for the tip!
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Melissa McDonald

That’s going to be awesome. No better game if you like dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. Can’t wait to take some more ANSEL super-resolution pics.

Colin Goodwin

*steps out of his Aberration base*

“It’s been 80 years….”

(seriously though this game is eating my life alive lately >.<)

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agemyth 😩

Woof. A lot of the older models look about as bad as those did. As fancy as some of ARKs graphics may be, I’ve always felt the art direction was all over the place.