Shroud of the Avatar draws inspiration from Yellowstone, Hawaii, and Mongolia


Don’t have enough money to go on a huge vacation this year? You might be able to save a lot of dough and still get the same basic experience by tooling around in Shroud of the Avatar.

The team’s latest developer letter reveals that some of the world’s more visually striking regions have served as inspiration for some of the pocket zones (or “scenes”) in the game. These include the Sunless Barrens, which draws from the sulfur hot springs of Yellowstone and the lava flows of Hawaii, and South Drachvald Spur, which recalls some of the sights and sounds of Mongolia.

Portalarium raked in an additional $45,000 from its January 8th telethon, so the money is still flowing into the game. The studio also created a special “clasped gauntlets cloak” as a reward that players can use for their own created community events. Finally, Release 50 is heading to the game on January 25th, so be prepared.


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Angelo Gigliotti

i dont understand why people want this game to fail so hard? did it pick on you in highschool? do you have some sort of hatred for the game dev? like…whats the deal? yeah the games not the greatest, but the company is atleast TRYING to resolve these things and make it a better game. give it time ….


This isn’t a normal game that asks for a normal price of a game. It’s a game that asked for prices in the thousands all based on the game they promised in the Kickstarter. They didn’t even create the game they described. Instead we got an RMT focused shell of an MMO with shady deals going on behind the scenes. Toxic official forums that only want to spread the misinformation that the game is great and that the game will be flooded with players on release.

It’s not a matter of just saying “Ohh well, I guess those hundreds or thousands of dollars I spent was a lesson learned.” Many people feel genuinely burned on the product that was first presented and what is now being offered.

I myself am fine with the fact it’s an MMO, I would have never spent a dime on this game if I knew RMT was going to be a major factor, this is not something that should have just been added well after development started and people had already gave them millions of dollars.

I would have loved a single player experience that would have matched or rivaled the old Ultima games as was originally pitched. Instead we got a story line that was patched in as if it was an afterthought. They put in placeholder storylines and wasted time and crowdfund cash to do so. No fore planning went into this game, Portalarium winged it as they went. Unless you consider the idea to gouge people for as much money as you can as a legitimate form of fore planning.


One of those pics looks like crap (wanna guess which one?), one looks absolutely fabulous (again, wanna guess which one?), and the rest look great.

TotalCowage .

Portalarium raked in an additional $45,000 from its January 8th telethon, so the money is still flowing into the game

Yeah… about that. Portalarium actually gave us the figures they needed to stay afloat during the SeedInvest in July 2017;

What is the current cash position?
As of May 17th our current cash position is $528k, and we have one of our periodic telethons coming up which commonly net us in excess of $100k additional funds.

They’re actually down more than 50% of the income quoted. They’ve never hit that $100k figure again since the SeedInvest, and the January figure of $45,000 itself is actually their second worst take ever. There’s a link to all the Telethon coverage here; what’s actually happening is that they’ve been kept afloat by the over-spending of a tiny cadre of Whales, but even that is slowly bleeding off now.

You really need to stop just regurgitating their deliberately deceptive press releases. You got caught out by it again here; Your own coverage had them signing with BlackSun at around the same time, so you should have known it was sleight of hand for Gariott to claim they were only just considering publishing partners; but as I link in the comments below, we now know BlackSun had published documents indicating they’d been partnered as far back as December 2015, and already talking about moving the game to Free To Play (which it now is).

And that in turn was an advance on funding to Portalarium, with a promise of future royalties in return, because Shroud has staggered from crisis to crisis for years; The SeedInvest itself was a desperate attempt to earn $2m to get out of another pickle… and they got less than they predicted in that too.

Adding the SeedInvest take to all the monthly telethons since, and subtracting the declared monthly burn in the SI, they are due to run out of money again sometime between now and March most likely… which is WHY they’re finally “launching” then. They’re out of cash, and not enough is coming in any more.


Perhaps once this launches it will finally fade into the obscurity it deserves.

Gary Turton

Yes, clearly listen to this person who has no clue of what they are talking about.

Portalarium went from quarterly telethons to monthly telethons since that statement (August 2017 to be exact) and has averaged well over 50k per telethon, many being in the 80k range.

That would equate to well over 175k per 3 months as opposed to 100k you were presenting here.

Look, if you don’t like the game, move on… do something you do like, but please stop spreading misinformation you clearly know nothing about.