CCP addresses EVE Online botter problem, saying it’s at the ‘top of the list’


Last week, we reported on a situation brewing on the EVE Online subreddit, where player after player spoke out about the game’s botting problem, exacerbated by a recent post about a specific botter corp leaving expensive capital ships where other players could easily take them out.

Seeking a statement on the botting situation, we reached out to CCP, whose CCP Falcon posted a response to our article on Reddit.

“[Botting is] to the detriment of the game and it needs to be stamped out,” he says. “It’s garbage behavior, it’s against the rules, and it’s something that has a magnified effect in EVE because of the single shard nature of the game, the economy, and the fact that everything on the market is player built or sourced.” Specifically, he dismissed the idea that CCP generates revenue from botters. That said, he also believes CCP has more work to do on the problem.

“Are we doing enough at this stage to combat it? No, I don’t think we are, despite the fact that our Security Team are doing a rock solid job and are working flat out to combat these kinds of issues. I also don’t think it’s acceptable that it’s making our pilots feel like their efforts are diminished, and neither do our security guys. We discussed this both internally and with the CSM today over the course of several sessions, given that it’s a recurring theme that keeps coming up. We’re looking to change things in the coming weeks and months, and to see some more concrete action on RMT and botting.”

Falcon also says that the studio has this weekend “taken out just under a thousand accounts that were complicit in botting.”

A representative for CCP also pointed MOP to a developer post from October, in which the security team announced it had banned 23,000 in 2017 up to that point, at least some of whom were botters. The restructure apparently delayed the studio’s plans to continue publicly addressing the problem, but the rep told us that “CCP recognizes this problem and is committed to doing more about it” and promised more official dialogue soon.

Source: Reddit
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Nothing will be done about botters because:
a) ISK farming is too boring, making botting a lot more widespread than in other MMOs
b) A bot account still needs to pay for a PLEX somehow.
c) A bot account boosts concurrent player count, the major metric that shows the health of the game.

If they wanted, they could destroy RMT overnight, by banning the banker characters/corps of the RMT outlets. But then again I recall the Security Team getting in trouble because they did ban one such character (who got unbanned shortly after), so take it how you want.

Rolan Storm

‘EVE gonna EVE’ Bree said.

I heard they have most badass anti-RMT crew. If player caught red-handed his rig is banned. They use digital fingerprinting.

Which makes your words even more valid in my opinion. Whatever happens it is not that simple.

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Looks like somebody needs to read the actual dev response on the reddit before commenting lol.

Ket Viliano

The biggest problem in Eve is that ISK is so darn boring to earn.

Sally Bowls

I can argue for both sides.


CCP clearly expends efforts combatting botting and has for years.
The $20 for a botter is not worth the negative impacts of the botter.

CCP wanting to eliminate botting and trying to eliminate botting is not that relevant; what matters is what they achieve. It may be they are just not very good at the task. In particular, when you look at the large % hit to the very public Community team staffing, it is not unreasonable to wonder if team security is sufficiently staffed. Outsiders don’t really have insight into that other than results. To paraphrase the CEO’s monoclegate quote, players don’t care what CCP says, it cares what it does/spends.
While only those with especially tight tinfoil hats thinks CCP is doing it to get an extra $20, there is a question whether the bot crusade will be as aggressive in large, and thus financially important to CCP, alliances.

Sally Bowls

So Bree does not have to, let me give some snide side-eye to “The restructure apparently delayed the studio’s plans to continue publicly addressing the problem, ”
A bit for the euphemism of “restructure” instead of” layoffs.” But mostly observing that yes, getting rid of most of your public facing employees does delay a studio’s ability to publicly address problems.

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agemyth 😩

I’d far rather comment here, directly to the people who’re concerned.

That passive-aggressive MOP diss.