Ship of Heroes expands its dev team, updates gallery of new mission maps


Last week, Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie and our community were treated to an early preview of Ship of Heroes – specifically, two mission maps, one of which nobody had peeked at before – along with a detailed chat with the devs on the state of the game.

New information just since last week is the detail that Heroic Games has added “several” new employees to the dev team – chiefly coders, animators, graphics designers, and 3-D modelers. “Several of these colleagues joined us in Q3, but we’ve been racing to get so many things done that we kept putting this off,” CEO Casey McGeever writes. “But now we have the roster updated. Of course we are adding some additional members to the team shortly, so there will be another update in a few months.”

We’ve included our walkthrough as well as some clean screenshots of the zones we showed off down below.

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IronSalamander8 .

Good news. I miss my CoH days and having over 70 characters I played almost randomly besides getting a few to 50 so I want to see these 3 superhero games mature and launch with success.


How many people are we talking about in total?

The project isn’t a triple-A I know, but mmorpgs are particularly maintenance-heavy and having the manpower to launch just isn’t enough in the long term.


Wow… this is… this is actually great news! Looks like they weren’t satisfied with MJ’s comments, so now they’re trying to make up for everything she called them out on XD

Melissa McDonald

looking forward to one of these games emerging as the “one” and recreating my CoH character there.


There is something very wrong with your statement. You use the word “character” in singular. One of CoH’s strengths was how alt-friendly it was. If/when one of these launches, I look forward to quickly maxxing the number of characters and then trying to figure out how I managed to so badly gimp all of my builds…