Star Trek Online offers free stuff for its eight-year anniversary

Yikes what
It can’t be right that Star Trek Online is really eight years old, can it? Eight full years of boldly going? The answer is that it hasn’t quite been eight years yet (the actual anniversary is February 2nd) but the team behind the game is already starting to celebrate by giving away stuff in the game’s store. For the first day, it was a set of different uniforms for everyone; claim them once and they’re yours forever for the low price of absolutely nothing.

Fans are advised to keep checking back every day to see all of the free offerings for the game’s anniversary event on a daily basis. Each item is available to claim for 24 hours and a new set rotates in daily at 1:00 p.m. EST through January 23rd, so be sure to catch up on your rewards and get some free stuff to celebrate eight years of history.


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Eight years? Has it really been that long? Wow. I’ve played the game on and off but haven’t been back in quite awhile. Maybe, if I can find some time 2018, STO requires a visit.

Sally Bowls

I would have missed it otherwise.