Age of Conan busts out a (small) patch, says saga server info coming soon


There’s a heartbeat in Age of Conan after all!

Funcom turned its attention to the maintenance moded MMO this week with a small patch, pleasing a community that feared it would never see more additions to the game. Update 5.1 has a few nice quality-of-life improvements, such as XP for melee fatalities and a whole mess o’ pets available to purchase on the gilded vendors.

The studio also confirmed that the Saga of Zath server information will be “coming soon” to players eager for word on this fresh start, limited-duration shard. The saga server is scheduled to launch in early 2018 and will allow players to roll new characters that can earn special rewards by reaching goals before a certain date.

Source: Patch notes


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Not so sure about the “pleased” bit

Denice J. Cook

Somebody over at Funcom has Everquest 1 and/or Everquest 2 account(s) I see! ;)

Well, no matter, it’s a good thing anyway, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Funcom comes up with for rule sets and rewards.

In general, re-engaging people into older MMOs is as important as engaging them in new ones. Otherwise, MMOs would shut down in a year or two.