Overwatch heads off to Blizzard World on January 23

A world of disappointments.

Haven’t you ever wished that you could bring your favorite Overwatch characters on a grand tour of every Blizzard game? Because… well, you sort of can in the upcoming Blizzard World map when it launches on January 23rd, but you’ll mostly be dealing with actual map objectives. Sadly, there is no game mode where you can place an order for food at Snaxxramas, which should be a sign that Overwatch has failed us all in development.

You can also dress up your favorite Overwatch characters as other Blizzard characters, some of whom can fight alongside these same characters in other games. None of those skins includes a serpent eating its own tail, but we’re sure it’s just a matter of time. (Seriously, that isn’t a Nova costume for Widowmaker. That’s just Nova. It’s just straight-up Nova.)

The first week of the Overwatch League also apparently drew over 10 million viewers, which means that technically you could consider playing the game yourself to be like a touch football game in the backyard. Check out the skins and the old trailer for Blizzard World just below.

Overwatch Blizzard Universe Skins

Source: Blizzard press release, YouTube, Rock Paper Shotgun

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No skin for Junkrat or Bastion :( . Not to mention that video paints Torb as a traitor as the Dwarves are Alliance not Horde so why have Torb say For The Horde! ? lol


Junk and Bastion both got skins during Christmas as well as Halloween.

Torb does get an Alliance skin, however can cheer for whatever side he choose fit (just because he’s dwarven doesn’t mean he automatically is a Dwarf for the Alliance).

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None of those skins really just grabbed me. The Roadhog Butcher skin was nice, but I never play Roadhog.

I’m really looking forward to the map, though.

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Yeah that map looks really cool