Darkfall: New Dawn tacks on titles and opens local banks for business


Did anyone in class today remember that Darkfall: New Dawn is officially launching, oh, next week? Don’t worry, it kind of slipped our mind too. At least we are getting a few days to prepare ourselves, starting with the absorption of this week’s Patch 6.0.

As possibly the last pre-release patch, this update adds two important systems to the game. Local banking is being hailed by the dev team as “the most defining feature” of the PvP MMO, as “it will create the foundation for a healthy economy and a more convenient game.” Probably a good thing that it’s being added before launch, although one would think that such a vital system would have been in place long before now.

This means that all banks in the game are separate, non-connected inventories that both players and clans can use for storage.

The other system added is titles. There are now 48 titles that players can attain through various achievements and activities. And in case you can’t choose just one, you don’t have to; New Dawn allows you to select up to five titles simultaneously. All hail the future Grand Vizier Troublemaker Pompadour Justin, Esquire Jr.!

Source: Patch notes
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Erik Malkavian

What do you mean they probably should have had that on before release about the Titles and local banking?? It wasn’t even SLATED to be in the game BEFORE release, one of the reasons I keep my adblocker on for MassiveOP because you guys have innane articles about games I am concerned about!


Also, the game is FREE to play starting today and until launch next weekend.


“one would think that such a vital system would have been in place long before now”.
The thing with local banking is that it cannot be tested except by the launch population. You can only test the basic feature, which is that you have a bank, which we already have had since 2009.

The full effect of local banking, i.e. that you choose to either transport goods, stay in a local area, or buy from others, is a player response that is organic and behavioral and will only be seen some time after launch.

Re. titles, they are a bit like classes but dynamic. You pick a title and as long as that one is active, it will rise and thus improve your ability to be e.g. a brawler, or a leathersmith, or whatever. Should you switch to something else, then the first one will degenerate over time.

Welcome to a true sandbox!


As a clarification: The titles are a system of specialization perks that allow to steer your character towards a more focused playstyle of your choosing, be it combat or economy related.

They provide passive buffs and unlock new spells, abilities or crafting recipes.
In this version of Darkfall, you no longer need to grind everything to be viable.