Ship of Heroes gives more love to its warehouse district

Danger, Will Robinson!

Who knew that warehouses could be so exciting? Don’t say such things to Ship of Heroes, because this superhero MMO is currently enthralled with its improvements of what could otherwise be a mundane locale. It’s here where player heroes will go for a quick fight or an involved mission, so it’s kind of neat to see the starting point of future content.

The dev team said that it designed this district from first-hand experience: “Our team has a lot of expertise in industrial engineering, and it shows — while some parts of the city are markedly futuristic, many details in the Warehouse District are true to life. Even in the 25th century, humans still need things like cranes to lift heavy objects, and air conditioning units to transfer heat away from complex machinery. These simple solutions are both practical, and physically tough enough to survive stray shots when Nagdellian raids move through the area.”

Want a closer look? Massively OP’s MJ recently went on a super-powered tour of the district with the dev team.


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Go Wavy

Dug is right about that one. They say everything is intentionally done. If the textures look a lil off they say it was intentional. They claim being a small mmo is intentional I am thinking wtf. Who aims that low with their standards. Just man up and say we need to work on textures or we want to be a big mmo but do not get much attention right now.


Well I think it looks great!

Thanks for the update and keep at it SoH folks!

Dug From The Earth

I still feel that the unblemished look of the textures on pretty much everything, really makes this game look like some sort of 3d rendering demo from 1995, and not something that is trying to make us believe its a real environment.

Pipes are not super polished silver.
Everything for that matter is too shiney.
Every brick texture is not the same for every single brick. Where are the cracks and chips?
Where is the dirt, dust, mold, and other standard wear and tear that ALL things get from time itself?

The MJ video stream had the devs claiming that the “unblemished” look was intentional, but IMO its comes across as a weak excuse for what is actually just an amateur 3d designer who hasnt figured out how to do the more fancy and complex filters and shaders in photoshop. (or use the tools in UE4 that also can aid in these things).

Perhaps they should have gone with a more stylized look, like that of a comic book. With computer graphics being as advanced today as they are, if you only half do something, its going to really stand out in a negative way.

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Now we know why they have to have such a huge warehouse district, its to store all the floor wax and polish needed to keep everything so shiny ;-)


It all gives a new meaning to ingame buffing…

…I’ll show myself out now. :(


Yep. It literally looks like it was made in early 2000 tech.