War of Rights makes the battlefield sound like hell


In its quest to replicate the authentic Civil War battlefield experience, the team at War of Rights has added a sound pack with this week’s Update 91 that adds all sorts of things that you would expect to hear during a fight. These sounds include soldiers fighting in hand-to-hand combat, wounded people crying out, and “lots of different nasty ones.” That must have been a fun recording session.

“This initial version of the wounded sounds include rebel spoken lines,” the team posted. “The system will be expanded upon with several voice actors as well as more refined events for specific actions as the game develops.”

Curious what a battle from this multiplayer simulator looks — as well as sounds — like? One YouTuber put together a cinematic short film featuring the Union charge at Dunker Church, which you may watch after the break.

Source: Patch notes

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They really should make the lag movements smoother instead of jerking all over, instantly moving to wherever. They should slide a bit smoother instead of just instantly blinking here and there. It’s especially weird with the heads which could easily be made to turn smoothly to where they actually are facing, their heads just suddenly blink and are facing a completely different direction when the latency catches up. It’s so distracting and odd looking I couldn’t focus on much else.

I get that it’s in early access and still in development but still that super wonky jerking looks so funky and decidedly non epic, despite them trying to put an epic movie sounding track in the video.

I guess if maybe the soldiers were all possessed by demons it might make sense though, maybe they can work that in to the story instead of fixing that up :D


War is Hell son. Where have you been? Since your a journalist maybe Bree can send you to Kabul as a corespondent to get some expertise. BTW it was more painful to get shot back then. :P

Knox Harrington

Sounds good! Now give me the Battle of Harpers Ferry for some urban combat action! :)

Gen'Challa ?

“War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. “

— William T. Sherman