Ancient Siberia tasks you with surviving as a kid in a mythical Russian realm


We have certainly seen quite a few multiplayer survival sandboxes cross our screens, but it is hard to recall if one set in a mythical Russian past was ever up for discussion. Well there is one now, thanks to the early access debut of Ancient Siberia this past December.

Ancient Siberia takes place in the Great Tartary, a fantasy-flavored Slavic realm that incorporates magic and myths. Players start out as a child and will grow from there, gradually becoming an adult and accessing PvP and greater options. It’s billing itself as a mix between survival sandbox and MMORPG, so fans of both types of games might see something of interest here.

So what’s the hook here? “What makes this game unique and noteworthy, is a players’ free will and an absence of obligatory quests. The game is based on myths and legends of ancient Siberia, and the setting can be described as original Slavic fantasy. The player is supposed to survive using all the in-game possibilities including flexible crafting scheme, runic magic, and a hardcore combat system. The main objective of the Ancient Siberia game is to create a unique realm that will be ruled by the players.”

Currently, Ancient Siberia is half-off on Steam for just $7.49 through January 26th.

Source: Valga Games, Steam. Thanks Jeremiah!
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