The Daily Grind: How often do you check your MMO playtime?

My main character in Final Fantasy XIV is fast approaching a year of total playtime. That isn’t entirely surprising, since she’s been in the game since version 1.0, but that’s still a lot of hours logged into a single character. I fear looking at the playtime stats for some of my older characters in World of Warcraft, to boot. It’s the sort of thing where just looking at it gives me a “holy crap, how long have I played this game” moment.

Most games give you some way of checking how long you’ve played a given character, and of course client services like Steam will often log your overall playtime. That means you can see how long you’ve been farting about. So what about you, readers? How often do you check your MMO playtime? Is it a regular event, or is it just whenever you have a vague curiosity about how many hours have been spent in a particular game?

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Alex Malone

Not that I play any MMOs at the moment, but I used to check at regular milestones and then just out of curiosity at endgame.

With alts, I used to check more regularly. I hate the leveling process in MMOs so getting through it as fast as possible is an important goal for me. So, I would always check /played when I hit the cap and then compare to other alts.

With my main, it was always just out of curiosity. I’d make a note of /played when i first hit the cap so i could compare to alts and other games.

I would also occasionally do an “audit” across all characters. This can be quite a depressing thing to do! I remember doing it shortly before I quit LotRO and it came out as averaging 4 hours a day in game over a 5 year period! That 5 year period included a 6 month break for WAR as well as some shorter 1 month breaks due to burnout so was a worrying figure to see.

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I haven’t checked in years…I get up from my computational machine while the game is still running and do other things anyway, so the number would not be close to accurate.

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If you mean 365 days /played, that’s north of 8,700 hours — so playing that character was basically like your full-time job for four years. That is a lot.

However, I am sure by this point I have more than 10,000 hours logged across all of my characters in the several MMOs that I played the most over the years (Anarchy Online, STO, SWTOR, and WoW, plus lesser totals in ESO, GW2, TSW, EVE . . .). In several of those I know that I have characters with more than 2,000 hours each.

Anyway, to answer your question: I stopped checking a while ago and don’t really think much of it any more. I’m no longer impressed by how much it might be, and it wouldn’t inspire me to play less even if it is more than it probably should be.

Simon Kolomar

I am checking it for some time.
I am using Raptr for few years (and yes, it’s still alive somehow).
It says: LOTRO – 1647 hrs; WOW – 1107 hrs, ESO – 488 hrs, FF 14 – 476 hrs, SWTOR – 464 hrs and GW2 – 404 hrs. There are also lots of other games but they are below 400 hrs mark.

Chris Moss

I won’t even mention the hours I put on FFXI.

Rolan Storm

Not anymore. I had X-Fire, Raptr… Now I simply do not care.


Hardly ever. I had apps that did it like xfire and raptr but i don’t use them anymore.


I did it once in GW2, and was so shocked seeing it in black and white that it’s not something I plan on doing ever again in any game! Though it’s annoyingly hard to avoid seeing in Steam when I launch Warframe or SWL.


One of the things I’ve found to the secret to a happy life is don’t ask questions you really don’t want the answers to.


So true, man.

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I never spend more time playing than I have free, so how much I actually play is less relevant than did I enjoy the time to me lol.

So my answer would be not very often, in fact the only played times I’m really familiar with are with steam games as it tells you next to the launch buttons otherwise I wouldn’t know and would be fine with it.