Broke Protocol adds a chase cam and armored car for your epic escapades


There can never be too many ways to check yourself out, which is why department store changing rooms have all of those mirrors. It’s also why Broke Protocol, the blocky crime simulator, has added a chase camera option to the mix in a recent update.

“Accurate shooting from this position is not supported to prevent rampant wallpeeking but it does offer a nice change of perspective and a GTA-style feel to the game,” the team said.

And with a new camera, how about some new toys for your crime sprees? The Heavy Armor update is adding an armored car (more of a tank, really) for both good and bad guys to use. The patch also upgrades the physics to include push back on explosions, so the team said to expect to see bodies flying through the air on a more regular basis.

Source: Steam #1, #2