Closers welcomes players to the sky ship

En Masse’s Closers is sprinting through open beta these days, and with today’s patch, there’s more to test and enjoy than ever.

The Sky Bridge hub arrives with this update, bringing a whole bunch of new quests, challenges, and crafting events for players to experience. The hub coincides with a level cap increase to 70, so either the developer is really pumping out the content or the western version is catching up with its eastern counterpart.

To get players up to speed — and up to the level cap — Closers is running a pair of bonus events over the next two weekends. In addition, anyone who gets up to level 70 by February 5th will receive a care package with a superclocked equalizer, a random epic skill cube, and a victory talisman box. There’s also celebration box for all players to get just by logging in after the patch updates today.

Source: Patch notes

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Matt Redding

I tried this out but I didn’t like I had to use a premade character for starters. Then the combat was … not to my taste. It was way too much like a side-scrolling arcade game. I didn’t make it 5 minutes before I just uninstalled. Cool premise and art design though.

Chosenxeno .

DFO is just better than this game. I prefer DFOs hit a button and destroy the room style to this combo heavy playstyle. Basically DFO, is more Anime lol.