Neverwinter previews the Lost City of Omu

Lost temples. Cat lords. Trickster gods. Players who venture into Neverwinter’s upcoming Lost City of Omu module are in for one wild, weird ride.

Cryptic posted a short but tantalizing preview of this update this week while bringing everyone up to speed on the story so far. The lost city is deep inside the jungles of Chult, which players have already bushwacked through in the Tomb of Annihilation module. A base camp nearby has been established with a handful of friendly NPCs, including Dwarf Ord Firebeard.

“What dangers lurk within the crumbling walls of the cursed city of Omu?” the studio teased. “What must be done to earn the favor of the trickster gods? How did Makos come back from the dead, and what role does he play in Acererak’s schemes? And what evil must they face in the hidden depths of the Tomb of Annihilation?”

Source: Neverwinter
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It’s weird….this has become my go to game, there is just less angst, less virtue signaling and less outrage among this community than the rest. I log in game log off, no muss no fuss.

roo woods

Are there Emu’s in Omu ?

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I think OMU stands for Overly-Monetized Universe….

Bryan Turner

Now I remember where else I saw that Eagle!

roo woods

Nice eagle but what is the orangutan doing ?