Wild West Online polls fanbase on maps, quickdraw, coaches, and crafts


Wild West Online’s devs are digging around for player opinions on what it should work on next. “Over the last few months you’ve given us tons of suggestions and ideas on what you want to see in the game,” 612 Games wrote on its forums yesterday. “Looking at the roadmap we posted, you can see some of what we’re already working on based on your prior feedback. Below is a list of other feature ideas we’ve collated from additional recent feedback.”

Among the options? Quickdraw dueling, bar games, better RP uses for taverns, rideable trains and stage coaches (in place of fast travel), farming crops, mining and smelting, and forts “for defense against Native American or bandit attacks.” What’s winning right now is a bigger, more varied map with weather effects.

Unfortunately, the poll is inexplicably closed after just half a day, otherwise we’d tell you to go make your voice heard; this game literally dropped free-for-all PvP in favor of a faction-based PvP system as a result of overwhelming player feedback, which contributed to the game’s delays last fall. Still, it ought to give a tease as to what’s likely coming next in development.

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With a lot of early access games, I kepe an eye on them, waiting to see what will happen and hoping they don’t veer off in an unwanted direction (Pay to win, Free for all PvP, “you’re the One True Hero”, etc). This game seems to be doing all the right things. I’m genuinely interested now (“excited” comes later).

Melissa McDonald

I’m glad they are actually listening and making the game around what the majority want.
I have one small request I’ve made: Horses need to have animated eyes. They just stare ahead fixed. Otherwise their horseback riding animations are first-class.