Age of Conan’s Saga of Zath fresh start progression server launches tomorrow as sub prices drop permanently


Back in December, Funcom announced that it had plans for the effectively maintenance-moded Age of Conan, and those plans included Saga of Zath, a fresh-start progression server. And now, it’s almost here: The studio now says it’s launching tomorrow on January 24th.

“Saga of Zath is a new limited-time server running on a PvE ruleset identical to Crom. You create a new character on this server, and play through a special Saga Quest as you progress. Completing objectives in this quest awards exclusive cosmetics, titles, and up to Tier 6-quality raid gear! There’s also a special Saga-exclusive Hoard you can purchase, featuring tradable items! The server is only open until May 15th. Once over, the server closes and your Saga character is transferred onto Crom with their inventory fully intact.”

Funcom designer Mussagana has been all over the forums the last few days explaining how everything works. Specifically, parts of the item shop will be disabled on this server, the raid finder will be turned off at least temporarily, experience gains will be normal, and yes, there may be other servers in the future if this one does well.

“This is rather experimental, so we want to see how the saga server does to gauge interest,” he writes. “If the server is successful, we’d like to experiment with the formula and change rulesets up a bit. This first saga server is aimed at a more traditional experience, but I would personally love to see more feedback on what people would want to see from saga servers if we’re able to do more in the future.”

In other AOC news today, Funcom has pushed live the new membership pricing for the game.

“From here on out, 30-day memberships now cost $12.99 (EUR 10.99) per month, and 12-month memberships now cost $7.99/mo (EUR 6.99) billed annually ($95.88/yr or EUR 83.88/yr).”

To incentivize subs, Funcom is currently granting minipets and mounts, depending on which sub-length players nab.

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