Survival sandbox Rust leaves early access on February 8

Sure, who cares.

Remember Rust? It was a survival sandbox and – wait, no, this one was actually one of the first ones! It made people angry because you didn’t get to choose stuff like race or gender or whatever, you just got dropped into the game naked and primed to be axed in the face by some guy. See, it’s different because most games start you with clothes and let you make your character before the face-axing stage. Anyhow, it’s leaving early access on February 8th.

If you thought that this meant the online game was going to be done updating forever… well, for one thing, that’s a heck of a theory you have going there, and for another thing you’re wrong. The shift mostly means that the game is switching to a more monthly update cadence for more stable releases. If you’ve been fond of early builds but wanted to wait for release to really play the game for a while… well, you’ll get your chance soon.


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Melissa McDonald

Man, i was really worried there would never be another “survival sandbox”. So glad because that genre is so poorly represented. /s


Its actually one of the older survival games.
Was 4 years in early access.
And it still has shitloads of players. 41k as i write this.
No other survival game has had those high numbers for so long.

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agemyth 😩

This is one of the best of the genre and the developers use Early Access appropriately. Congrats to Facepunch Studios on a job well done.

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No it means the early access boost is kaputz and they are hoping to get a sales boost from releasing. It never matters what state early access games are in.


Well it’s not in an Early Access any more is the key thing. The core game, features, UI structure, graphical design, and the like are par for what the developers envisioned for their released game. And being at that stage, they’re releasing it. RUST in it’s first few years EA was completely different than current RUST. It went from a semi-zombie survival weird fest thingy into an actual survival post-apocalyptic (no zombies) survival game complete with dungeons too.

In the case of Rust, it does matter what state of Early Access vs. Launch it is. They’ve actually used e.a. properly for their game and it shows.