Ashes of Creation sparkles in its new UnderRealm video


What’s Ashes of Creation been up to since that confusing alpha zero rollout back in December, the official class matrix, and the fan Q&A? Working, of course. And that’s on display in a video published last night exploring the world’s UnderRealm. It’s a spooky, glowy, psychedelic, bio-luminescent forest sort of biome that may have those of you with kids humming Trolls.

“We are happy to show a first iteration of our UndeRealm in Ashes of Creation! The team is hard at work and in full production on the world of Verra. This is a first look at the pre-alpha UnderRealm and the difference of look and feel that this area will have from the world above ground. Enjoy, and see you in game soon!”

We’ve tucked it down below.

Source: YouTube

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Toy Clown

That’s a beautiful environment. My inner RPer is rejoicing!

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I think it looks cool. Frees up my left hand for a shield instead of a torch. :)

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

OMG! It’s Landmark!


Lots of bloom… I hope there will be a slider to turn that down (or off).