Black Desert tweaks login rewards, adds events and loot ahead of lunar new year

Seollal, the Korean version of the traditional lunar new year, technically begins just after Valentine’s day in 2018, but that’s not going to stop Black Desert from kicking off the festivities early. As of today, the game’s patched in a bundle of themed quests and items. Here’s what to expect:

  • Login rewards (they call ’em attendance rewards, mind) are getting a huge shakeup. In fact, Kakao’s helping out weekend warriors by allowing folks to catch up on collecting the login rewards by playing multiple hours on the weekends (anyone ever seen an MMO do that before?).
  • In the cash shop, there’s a ton of Korean hanbok, some traditional ones for the men and some super short-skirted modern takes for the ladies, plus the requisite fireworks and lanterns.
  • You can also buy those lanterns for 1 loyalty and deploy them for buffs to “light up the skies.”
  • Finally, there’s the new Quests of Fortune event, which officially begins tomorrow. Hope you like fortune cookies!

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Toy Clown

Not listed here is a vanity item you can buy for 1k loyalty, which is a winter rose that sits on the hair, or for males a fur hat. Thank goodness I was sitting on some loyalty, because they only give you a week to get the item.

I’m all for free stuff!


Coincidentally, I just re-downloaded the game. It’s beautiful and engrossing, but I never had the time to get anywhere close to PvP gear, so I stopped. I tried again, and found that they had changed a very large amount of the game and leveling process, and was looking forward to it again.

If I understand the math, today’s patch changed the disparity between the top X% and the rest (anyone with AP245 +). That level of gear is well beyond my play time, so I’m probably bowing out once again.

It’s too bad, it really has a sweet environment and look. I’m not much for raids, but the idea of hunting that new boss with guns and cannons at sea sounded like a hoot.

Oh well.


Kickstarter Donor

How is BDO panning out these days? Does it offer enough interest for a solo PvE player who enjoys e.g. LoTRO, EQ2 and ESO (including stuff like crafting and fishing etc) or is it really just about the PvP?

Toy Clown

Currently, that’s the majority of what I do is life skilling (trades – which can be done AFK) and PvE. I don’t PvP and side-step it easily enough, and I do play solo. There’s heaps to do solo and without ever touching PvP.


BDO has never been just about the PvP. The people who enjoy PvP will say otherwise very loudly but the fact is that this game caters to PvE/sandbox game play more than PvP for a long time. Even those very same PvP focused players will end up spending 90% of their game play on PvE game play be it crafting, gathering or grinding mobs. PvP can happen, for sure, but the protections in place in this game are strong enough and stringent enough that most people will stop after a few kills.

Otherwise this game is whatever you want it to be basically. Every system is fully supported. Fishing is a full on profession. Trading and crate making is one of the best sources of income. Most PvE is still mindless AOE grinds but there’s a few new game modes like Savage Rift and new high end group spots like Gyfin Rhasia. The game has multiple avenues for character progression and it’s kinda up to you how you want to pursue those.


Few corrections.

First, they’ve done the multiple login rewards for weekends for a while now. If you miss a login reward, you can get 2 rewards on the weekend basically if you play a couple of hours.

Second, this is an “in addition to” login rewards. Their login rewards are actually a series of “tabs” of rewards that depending on what you have access to depends what rewards you get. So for example a new/returning players have new/returning player reward tabs. Then there’s the standard “loyal” tab that everyone gets access to. People in large guilds get access to another tab (to encourage people to join larger guilds with rewards). What this is doing is adding a new tab called “Valks” on top of the existing rewards.

The bigger aspect is what’s in the Valks rewards, as it’s a lot of enhancing/upgrading materials which is a pretty hotly debated topic currently in the game regarding memory fragments and upgrading gear. This is because as the game population matures and more players become veterans (especially the steam players last year) they’re more into boss gear and upgrading boss gear is very resource intensive.

As usual, pretty great stuff from a game with constant updates. Always nice that every week there’s a new patch with game updates and system updates. The big ones this week being huge AP changes for the end game areas, Artisan Memories restoring x4 durability, and some marketplace changes.

Matthew Paluch

Ye but it was just 2. So there is a new change since you can get more than 2 now. I have corrected your false correction.


You can still only get 2 on the weekend days just like before. It’s in the fine text in the middle there where it says:

“On the weekends, you can collect a second Valks Attendance Reward after an hour of gameplay. This will only apply to those who still have unstamped Attendance Rewards (you cannot collect Attendance Rewards in advance).
-Therefore if you have already received stamps for every single Valks Attendance Reward so far, this will not apply.”

It’s the exact same weekend “catchup” mechanic they’ve had in the game for over a year now. Text letting you know this has always been in game as well on the Attendance Reward screen towards the bottom. I have corrected your false correction.