It’s a key-free weekend in Secret World Legends’ dungeons


Players who like to run dungeons, lairs, and scenarios for loot in Secret World Legends can do so with reckless abandon this weekend — and it won’t cost them a single key. From Thursday, January 25th through Sunday, January 28th, all of the boss loot chests in these instances (and areas for lairs) will be completely free to open. It won’t matter if you open 10 or 110 or more. Now is definitely the time to farm for and hoard that loot! After Sunday, however, regular key mechanics return with each chest requiring a key that is either grated daily as patron benefits or bought with Marks of Favour. Note: The free key weekend does not include the various loot caches dropped by killing mobs throughout the game.

Source: SWL Twitter

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Jeffery Witman

*Free grind weekend.


Yep and the grind is good! Lucky i took advantage of the double shard weekend prior to this weekend, burning through those bonus shards hard.

Indigo Salma

Until they remove that mobile trash stupidity , i’l happily pass. And i’l keep on avoiding this crap like i kept doing since i first tried this abomination at release.

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Patreon Donor

Now this reeks of desperation. There won’t be a dev stream this month (Twitch says next show is a CE show Friday next week) so the elephant in the room, which is “what’s up with agent system or season 2?”, stays there (while trashing the furniture).

This holding pattern is the same since 2015. But hey, “best effort” and such.


Looking like i wont be getting much sleep this weekend as I’ll be living in those dungeons. Hmmm, ummm, yea that means; yea…just another regular weekend :)

No, seriously now; I wonder if i can go 4 days without sleep?

FYI Funcom; This is a weekend event worth staying up for! and Thx!

Knox Harrington

That key business sounds like a great way to keep me from ever playing this game

Kickstarter Donor

Damn, the bonus Anima weekend last weekend and now bonus loot chest keys? They’re making good use of the update they made allowing them to do this kinda thing (which is surprising that they didn’t have this functionality out of the gate), guess they’re trying to boost retention/winback while the content drought and lack of news about upcoming content is souring some folks.

Oh well, little interest in the group content and no cabal to run lairs with, though may try over the weekend. Still have Orochi tower to work on so I’ll just keep plugging away at that so I can wrap the main story and put the game back on the back-burner until we get some more story content.