SMITE promises improvements to the console experience for players in 2018

The nice thing about SMITE is that whether you prefer to play your games on consoles or on desktop computers, the game gives you the option to play there. The less-nice thing is that console versions of the game have had some persistent issues. But we’re right back to good news, as community manager HiRezIsaiah has posted to Reddit promising that the team is working hard to improve the console SMITE experience this year.

Among the features being developed for console players are more streamlined tools for player reporting when necessary and direct bug fix reports for the game’s console clients. There’s also reassurance to many players within the thread of the original posting to discuss known bugs and the process of isolating and fixing them, even though several of them remain elusive. So it’s not a miracle cure, but if you’ve felt like the console experience is too buggy and not stable enough, you can rest assured that it’s being address and improved.

Source: Reddit
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The game gives you the option to play on consoles or on desktop computers!
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