TERA introduces the Guardian Legion on January 30

Who are you going to call? TELL ME!
When the going gets tough in TERA, the tough get going! By the second “tough” we of course mean “max-level characters,” and by “get going” we mean “show up in the hopes of getting some loot.” And that’s all fine, since the game’s next update introduces the Guardian Legion, which needs exactly that sort of person. Someone tough, resolute, and willing to do lots of dangerous stuff for the prospect of shiny bits.

There are indeed shiny bits to be earned, as the more missions you take on for the Guardian Legion, the more points you earn toward specialized boxes of loot. And what sort of missions will you be taking on? Dangerous ones all across the world to counteract the activities of the Red Raiders. So go forth, a champion of the poor, the weak, the able-to-give-you-nice-loot-boxes. Really, that’s the important part. The update arrives on January 30th.


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