City of Titans’ paths will throw players into their own ‘personal comic book series’


Ever feel like MMO quests are impersonal and disconnected from how you see your own character interacting with the game world? City of Titans hopes to change that with its central paths storylines.

The team attempted to explain this week how paths are so much more than just your average, ordinary quest chain.  “Paths are the game’s premier saga-level content. These multi-part stories are designed to let you define your PC’s character while interacting with enemies, allies, locations, and plots from throughout the game’s lore […] Your character’s path is designed as ‘your character’s personal comic book series.'”

Players can choose to pursue four different paths that explore the north or south areas of the city from a hero or villain perspective. Paths give players a lot more dialogue options, remember choices, and allow characters to build relationships with NPCs. These multi-episode stories will also take players all over the city, delve deep into lore, and present more challenging and tactical encounters. Sounds pretty neat to us!


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Duey Bear

Seems they have appropriately systematized the branching story system, they are not promising an unfeasible “everyone is a unique snowflake” but it will be different enough that a group of friends would have different stories to talk about. This post is the first thing to really put City of Titans on my radar.

Rolan Storm

Yeah, their approach to story seems very balanced. One one hand protagonist is not His Majesty The HERO on the other is not a janitor #901.

Z.N. Singer

Over the years, we expect to grow the number of paths and start to create connections between paths, allowing a players choices to actually change which path they are on, even to the extent of going from a hero path to a villain path or vice versa. We might even be able to allow you to switch more than once on your way to 50. This will, again, take years of steady growth to achieve, but we intend it to be a thing one day.

-MWM Community Manager