Final Fantasy XIV releases the patch notes for patch 4.2: Rise of a New Sun

Choo choo, mothertrucker.
Calm down, Final Fantasy XIV fans; the actual patch doesn’t release until Tuesday next week. But the patch notes are available right now, covering everything you’ll get with this particular update. Looking forward to features like the next stage of Omega, new dungeons, or new regions altogether? They’re all in here!

Wait, new regions? Yes, apparently there’s a new place with an aetheryte that will be important with this particular patch, and while there’s room to speculate about where that will be, it’s obscured for right now.

Players will also be happy to learn about more details of the mechanical aspects of the game’s new glamour dresser and the dungeon-recording Duty Recorder, along with a glance at new mounts, new items, new tomestones… new stuff, in short. You can check out some of the new stuff with the gallery down below, and you can read through the patch notes right now. It’ll make waiting for the full patch over the weekend just a little bit longer.


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Patrick Dougherty

That… is not what I was hoping for when they announced changes to Castrum/Praetorium. Those rewards had better be damn good to force everyone to watch all those cutscenes every time they run it. Like 500 poetics good. Or that queue will die a horrible death.

Was very much hoping for a revamp/massive-trim to the cutscenes themselves, along with a rebalance to 4-man dungeons


Played for ~30 days second go round and the game is good, love the systems and 1 character/all classes but omg I cannot stand the art style.

Can. Not. Stand. It. The pirate/swashbuckler clothing style on 50% of the npc’s, the elongated bodies on “tall races”, the “awkward-cute” of the Lolipop race, moogles, bad 80’s feathered hair. Basically anything not in plate armor head to toe looks stupid (to me). I would have a new mmo home if I could re-skin all of it.

I tried (again). Can’t make myself tolerate it though. Makes me sad because the game is great to me besides that.

Danny Smith

I’m excited for the whole patch but the one thing i really care about is fighting The Phantom Train. But will Godbert show up to Suplex it?


FFXIV seriously has the cleanest, most interesting patch notes. Seriously looking forward to returning soon. My inventories are about to become so much cleaner ..

Alexander Smith

I had that same thought. They even tell you what expansion you need to see the change!

Kickstarter Donor

Ermagerd that Chocobo minion!

Duey Bear

I only just got to Stormblood, looks like I have lots of fun stuff to keep me occupied. I am thrilled to finally see the Doom Train.


More Hildibrand quest? mmmmm that could lure me back