Hardcore sandbox Darkfall New Dawn launches today – here’s the trailer!


Darkfall New Dawn formally launches today as one of two officially licensed spinoffs of Aventurine’s classic hardcore sandbox, which went belly-up a few years ago. As we’ve previously noted, the game has multiple packages ranging from €19.99 with a €9.99 per month sub up to €74.99 with a €6.25 per month sub, so that ought to make old-school gamers happy.

If you’re confused over what this version of the game has in store for you, and you probably are because this is really very much not a one-to-won remake, you should definitely zip through the new launch trailer, which Ub3rgames put together as an explainer.

We’ve got that trailer below, along with our hands-on with the game, a bunch of screenies in a gallery, and a quick flip through all our coverage of New Dawn along the way. Happy launch day!

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Darkfall NewDawn

Darkfall New Dawn has been up for a week now. After some bumps and dumps, it’s pretty stable. With the economy being fresh and very few world firsts being completed, its a pretty exciting time to play.

Jonny Sage

Bought my sub already. Heading back in for some adrenaline pumping adventuring soon. One of the most fun MMOs ive played due to the consequences.

Sadly launch is not going well so have to wait to play. Their twitter is pretty funny. Remember that thing that might go wrong? Yeah, well, it did.


Darkfall has launched more times than vanilla private servers already


Ok. I like the look. But, I’d like try before I buy. I’ll wait for a free weekend or promo. But… I wonder if there is a land rush going on right now. Will I be able to build my own home if I join late?

In any event. Good luck to them! And good luck to the locusts who are swarming over because it is shiny and new. ;)


Hey, unfortunately you cannot build your own home just like that. “Building” cities is a clan-based activity.

There are certain villages where individual players can have a house with a shop and things you can get resources from. They are preplanned, limited in number, and for those there will be a rush, yes. Later on you will have to buy one of those from another player in order to gain an individual home.

Doctor Sweers

I had a house in a great area during the original DF. I love MMO’s with housing but housing in DF really only offers a place to teleport to and have someone knock your door down just because they can. Housing is useful if your house is close to your guilds city or village…other than that, I don’t think I will waste my time on acquiring one again.

If you do decide you want a house, you can usually find someone willing to sell…or at least that is how it was during the original DF.


there’s still tons of untaken foundations for housing left. they only recently made them desirable (mechanically speaking). within the last month or so.

Toy Clown

Hey BDO PvPers! There’s a new game out, it’s that-a-waaaaay! Hurry!
(A post made with good-nature, but srs jest!)

Jonny Sage

Not sure BDO PVPers would survive in DF.

Der Hug

this might be what darkfall should have become…besides it flaws the original still was one of the best games i played, especially in the first 6 months with all those big alliances…hopefully it will work this time around :) RoA just did change too little for me.