Wild West Online: Farming in, ranching out


Due to enthusiastic player response on the topic of farming in Wild West Online, the developers have gone back to the drawing board to expand the system to become a great deal more involved and interesting. “For all of the many fans who have been asking for more farming and crafting: it’s on the way,” the devs promised.

Farming 2.0 will include a larger variety of plants (ever grow eggplants in MMOs?), and require players to grow crops from seeds gathered in the wild or gained by quests. Crops can be sold as is or can be used in crafting recipes to make food, medicine, and other items.

But if farming is in, could ranching also be a possibility? In a word, no. “We gave long thought about ranching back in November,” the team said, “but decided that it’s too complex task for us to do it properly for now. Animations, models, AI, interactions, not to mention persistence — all that put ranching into backlog for us.”

The next patch for the game should be coming in the next week or so.


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Melissa McDonald

I’ll have to check this out. My concern is that farmland is usually an unsafe zone. I hope they make farming truly deep and meaningful.

People have such high hopes for this game. The devs are actually listening, and tweaking it based on feedback. I hope that continues.

The kind of QOL features I hope for will take a lot of coding, though, if they do it, people will roleplay and create their own plots and stories. I’ve said it many times, give people just a few freedoms and props and they will make lives there.

Best example: A wedding dress. All you have to do is make one available, and there will be weddings in your game, and people will create lives and roleplay there. Obviously the more of that you create, the deeper it will go, but that’s a perfect example of how to foster roleplay, and RPr’s come back night after night.


They could still have cattle drive missions without having player run ranches. Cattle drives seem like a must have feature to me.

Melissa McDonald

easy to start small there too with “find lost calf and guide them home/protect from coyote attacks” kind of missions.


So sad they are failing right out of the gate. Ranchers were a huge part of what made it the wild west.


Key feature there. It wouldn’t be a real old west MMO if you didn’t have an excuse to snarl “get out of my lawn” to every player passing by, would it now?