Conan Exiles gets a handle on giant two-handed swords

It’s hard to imagine barbarians without gigantic weapons that take a whole lot of muscle to swing. So it’s good to see Conan Exiles introduce massive two-handed swords (which come in everything from stone to starmetal). While these weapons won’t be available until launch, the team is planning to add back in sprinting with weapons and tools in hand sooner than that.

The team said that getting Conan Exile’s gold disc finalized is of maximum priority, after which its attention will turn to the day one patch. Work is being done to hit requirements from Microsoft and Sony, shaping up the new perk system, and of course, making sure the hyped volcano and jungle regions are ready to go.

Funcom said not everything will be available on Day One: “The new combat paradigm will roll out on PC before May 8th. Project Content Rebalance will hopefully make it to PC players pre-launch, but may be moved back depending on when the work is finished.”

Source: Conan Exiles
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At least they release the combat overhaul before the actual launch. I will wait for it before considering to buy the game.


When I think Conan the Barbarian, I think two-handed swords. I would have guessed they had them from the start. I’m not saying this belittle the game or anything, it’s just an observational thought.

Melissa McDonald

I read that sword Schwarzenegger used in the movies weighed 40lbs. That’s insane. There were different prop ones, some made of fiberglass, but the actual metal one he uses to clash and smash with was quite a lump of steel.

John Mclain

Did they ever fix the ungodly imbalanced and downright brokenly overpowered avatars in this game? I walked away from this terrible game when some guy spent 30 minutes to undo 3 weeks of my work by summoning an unstoppable, uncountable, low-as-crap-effort avatar summon in 30 seconds.

Grave Knight
Grave Knight

“*ties rocks to a stick* This is my sword.” :|

All joking aside, at least the metal sword isn’t too terrible. A little too wide but not ridiculously so like some other games (most other games).

Melissa McDonald

I have to admit this is one of the things I love about LOTRO, the swords all look plausibly-sized.

Bryan Correll

A little too wide but not ridiculously so

I present the out of context quote for the day about Conan Exiles.


So launch day is just a date, not when the actual game is ready for release? Color me unimpressed. Maybe stuff like this is why your company almost went under?

Telcontar Dunedain

This game and Funcom are unworthy of Crom.

The combat is clicky click, bad hitbox, bad animations. Unchanged placeholder from pre alpha.

It’s received no polish from what I can tell from the beginning yet we are getting this magic “combinations” based combat system right before “1.0”. If it sucks the game is ruined forever, oh well.

Lots of bearskin rugs and building stuff though… in a Conan game.

Funcom fails, yet again, to get a fun, skillful combat system.

Age of Conan was laughably bad, even as a concept, at launch. Melee has possibly interesting unbalanced (guardian charge+oneshot yo) intricate combination system. Range? Basically skillfree, single click buttons, plenty of stamina for kiting. Half the classes have to do work the other half laugh and do nothing.

Secret World…. maybe kinda ok for a tabtarget game? Whatever promise or interesting flavor is drained out of it by boring clickfest Secret World Legends revamp…

Funcom makes great stories and atmosphere but fails in the moment to moment gameplay every time.