MMO Week in Review: The fate of SWTOR (January 28, 2018)

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Is Star Wars The Old Republic in trouble? BioWare rumors say it might have been, but longtime watchers point to ongoing content updates – not to mention the developer livestream promising a freshened roadmap next week – that suggest just the opposite.

Meanwhile, this week saw the rollouts of two not-quite-MMOs that a lot of MMO players have their eye on: Monster Hunter World, which we’ve covered with impressions and a guide, and Sea of Thieves, whose closed beta has gotten off to a rocky start. Darkfall New Dawn officially launched too!

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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19 Comments on "MMO Week in Review: The fate of SWTOR (January 28, 2018)"

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Darkfall NewDawn

Thanks for mentioning Darkfall New Dawn and I hope everyone here has a chance to give it a go!

Gamer Alek

Marvel Heroes Omega also had content updates. It had an entire game re-design and launch on the consoles.

I will remind you all of a certain quote someone said about MHO.
I spoke to my Gazillion source about this issue and was told that they are doing everything they can to stay afloat, so there you have it folks.
That’s right, I am hearing some rumblings about a possible shutdown. If this console release does not hit it out of the ballpark, the game may be scrapped in favor of mobile offerings. The PC version is “long dead”, and the consoles are their only hope.

This was a few months before the game shut down. I doubted him then, but no more.

Here is what he says about SWTOR:
Star Wars: The Old Republic has a very small team working on it. My source flat out stated that less than a “handful of developers are actively working on SWTOR”

Combined with the fact that the Kotaku article is written by the same person that brought us all the info we had about Andromeda months ahead of time, the “rumor” as you refer to it, is quite substantial.

Look at it logically. All Bioware resources are being re-directed at Anthem. Everything rides on this game for them.

Sally Bowls

Business wise, this shows the pros and cons of multiproduct companies.

Anthem is getting the focus right now, not SWTOR. Which suxs for SWTOR and its fans.

But look at the alternative, the single product company. Gazillion is the latest example in the news. If your company makes 1 product and it fails, the company is in real trouble. And if the company is closing down, they do not have the incentive or the resources to handle refunds – e.g. Marvel Heroes. Whereas with the Epic game, Epic could do a very fair “refund everyone” because Epic has the resources and the Epic brand is worth protecting.

Kickstarter Donor

I have the collectors and was heavily invested in ToR at launch, love the stories but not keen on the art style, I find the poor environment scaling is immersion breaking and small map areas to explore just kill the big world feel.

In the world you can see a place or items that had some real work with heart and soul put into them and look amazing but in other environment places or items look half arsed or the tea boy got to play graphic artist for a day.

The space combat is just a joke and should have never been implemented along with the terrible instanced housing, but the worst is the f2p model and terrible cash grab shop.

Such a great IP opportunity wasted and a far lesser game than SWG which is a shame. I had to see SWG depart and play TOR for 3 months to realise it, but having played great games like the original Old republic and the amazing Jade Empire I was caught up in the bioware hype as back then everything they touched or did turned to gold.

I had such high hopes but it looks like we caught the start of the bioware decline the developers had such poor vision and I can really see EA letting it go as I don’t think it’s come close to earning the money they wanted from it.

And one of the worst errors and unforgivable mistakes was the pure lack of use of the true starwars catalogue of music, SWG used it to such good effect that you thought you were in star wars, its what kept you immersed more than anything in the game, in SWG the first time I was looking over the sand dunes from Jabba’s palace seeing the 2 setting suns and the star wars music kicked in the hairs on my neck stood up and I literally cried and its a memory I will never forget.

ToR never gave them feelings and my time in the game or the game is forgettable.


I’m pretty sure I remember reading that the SWG score was entirely their own work (based on the film music obv). It was incredible.

Ariel Domen

I don’t need any rumors. More than year ago I made the decision of not giving any more money to SWTOR, simply because it’s obvious for anyone that plays that they are already in maintenance mode, or almost there. All this is just a confirmation for me. I’m not going to crowdfund Anthem or any EA games anymore. I do log in and play as preferred player from time to time because I did enjoy the game, I think that some things were good, Huttball for example. It’s a pity.

Axetwin .

Everytime Bioware assures people that TOR is fine, I immediately think back to Gazillion assuring people Marvel Heroes is fine. They too had a roadmap planned all the way up until the servers closed down with practically no notice.

Toy Clown

Coming from the perspective of an SWG player that felt tunneled into SWTOR, I always had a hard time with the game and only went there because most of the community I played with did. We also didn’t have lots of MMO choices back then, so I stuck my head into SWTOR and played it more for the RP than the game, which I quickly ended up not liking because it allowed a player no creative freedom. It was difficult coming from the sandbox elements of SWG to that. I think I held onto that resentment for a long time.

Last week I logged into TOR for the heck of it and was quite surprised at how good the stories have become. It’s been hard tearing myself away the last few days. They’ve nailed the story bit finally and got rid of the vast majority of tediousness that caused me to lose sight of the story. I grabbed a 7-day free sub code off of someone to enjoy the game fully.

Probably the thing that made me the happiest logging in again? Having access to human hairstyles (FINALLY) on my Mirialan! I also logged into having almost 2k cash shop credits due to having a security key on my account, so it was nice playing around with that freebie! They’ve also added a Command thing at end game that’s interesting.

In conclusion, I’m pleasantly surprised SWTOR’s stories have gotten much better and there’s new content I want to play with, so I’ll sub at least a month and see where it goes.


Remember when Star Wars was in development. I do not remember the gaming magazine’s name that wrote that this mmo was THE mmo to play and would be the likely candidate to replace World of Warcraft as most populated mmo going forward.

Ah, those were heady days, they were. ; )

At any rate I do remember there was so much hype for this mmo. Just about every day someone was data-mining info from the dev team as to it’s sort of “next generation” feeling. Any of you remember the total developmental cost of the game? Was it not one of the most expensive games made during that period of time?

Sally Bowls

Although a lot of that is, as Raph pointed out in his article, game are getting more expensive to make. So one would expect SWTOR to cost more than the ones that came before it and less than future AAA MMOs, if any are made.

Melissa McDonald

i wouldn’t mind a new Star Wars MMO with updated graphics. It could be SWTOR 2 really, the game was quite good, it’s just time for new blood.

My only fear is Disney doesn’t really do MMOs that much, although Pirates Online (POTC) was actually a wonderful game. I miss it sometimes.

Sally Bowls

“Disney doesn’t really do MMOs that much” – Disney does no PC or console gaming. They closed Lucas Arts and are out of the development business. So in a few years when the existing licensing deal is over, they could get another company (or even EA) to start working on a MMO.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

Not gonna lie, would be sad to see it finally breathe it’s last and a new game replacing it… though looking at the SW battlefront fiasco, and EA in general, I can’t say that a new SWTOR won’t come with even more reasons to want it dead. EA/Bio just don’t see this IP as anything other than a cash cow, a mentality that does not lend itself to creating good games for gamers… if you thought the current game was a nickel and dime fest, don’t hold your breath on the new one being any better!