H1Z1 struggles to counter rapid player strafing

Well here is something that we learned today: the meaning of ENAS. If you’re not deep into the PvP shooter scene, the East North American Strafe is “a method of movement that involves moving your mouse back and forth rapidly while running forward and strafing to make yourself extremely difficult to be shot by other players” that is especially prevalent in H1Z1.

And because the developers see ENAS as straddling the line between skill play and exploit, they are attempting a solution to artificially counter it and level the playing field so everyone doesn’t look and act like jittery deer.

Daybreak’s fix here is a “movement modifier” that kicks in when a player starts juking the mouse rapidly. If the system detects rapid mouse movement (due to ENAS), it reduces a player’s speed and makes him or her easier to hit. Additionally, all movement speed in the game is being slightly lowered. The studio will be trying out this system and tweaking the penalty on the test server before bringing it over to live.

Source: H1Z1
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Alex Willis

This reminds me of the animation canceling debate in ESO.


Kinda like snaking in Mario Kart DS. Players found something that sits between an exploit and a show of skill that was so unbalanced everyone had to do it in order to remain competitive, which made gameplay boring as everyone was following the same single tactic.

Bruno Brito

Happened with Roadhog on OW, you hooked someone, moved your mouse insanely and the person under the stun hook cc was being ragdolled around for a sec.

Funny, and pretty imbalanced. And could also make some people sick. So…not that funny.

Jack Kerras

The near-total lack of inertia, or anything that results in a near-total lack of inertia, makes shooters unplayably shitty just because people do absolutely nothing but turbostrafe whenever they’re shooting.

This is more or less the same as the shit folks used to do in CoD wherein they’d jump and prone over and over again and the server would wig out a little and they’d just oscillate between ‘prone flying in the air’ and ‘standing but half in the ground’ and be basically Goddamn impossible to put a shot on.

I think at least one of the Battlefields helps to combat this by making it so that anytime you’re doing something that involves extremely rapid movement or oscillation, you have some ‘ghost’ hitbox trailing behind yourself which makes the whole fast-strafing thing actually kind of deadly to do; I liked that, personally. Doing inhumanly rapid movements as a method of avoiding being shot is dumb. :/