Legends of Aria starts closed beta testing today

All good, sure, why not.

Welcome to the Beta Club, Legends of Aria! Enjoy the full benefits of membership, such as free snackies, the comfy couch, and increased attention from players.

Legends of Aria – that’s the game once known as Shards Online – started its first closed beta test today, and this one is hitting all the right notes with a continuation of alpha player characters and a lack of NDA. The studio is also selling founder’s packs for those who want to secure some extras prior to launch.

The CBT adds a lot of content and balance tunning as well. There’s a new region (Eastern Frontier), two additional cities (Helm and Pyros Landing), the Contempt world dungeon, the return of the Catacombs dungeon, the new Karma and Conflict system, and a more minimalistic user interface.

The Karma system sounds pretty intriguing: “[This system] ensures that all player actions, be they positive or negative, are recognised in each players own Karma score. This system replaces all arbitrary criminal flags and ensures that risk vs. reward is maintained in all aspects of play.”

Source: Legends of Aria. Thanks Ville, Ammalis, and Dro!

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Ville Uusitalo

I am curious if some of the old Gathering professions like Butchering will make their return. *waiting for the CBT patch notes atm*

Id like the game to have a bit more variable “life-skilling” before I jump into the train…

Nevertheless I am almost ready to throw 30usd into monitor for the Noble Founders pack… Game has promise^_^


Keeping an eye on this one. Played alpha months ago and while it was rough around the edges I saw a lot of promise.