Warframe sets a July date for TennoCon 2018

One of the hottest (and prestigiously awarded) online games out there right now is calling its fandom home for a weekend of celebration and developer reveals.

The game, of course, is Warframe, and the event is this July’s TennoCon 2018. Digital Extremes announced a July 7th date for the London, Ontario convention, which puts us at around 160 days away. Other than the date, countdown, and location, there isn’t a lot of information yet for this year’s one-day event. However, the studio encouraged fans to sign up to be informed when tickets will go on sale.

We’ve got more for you below, including the latest hour-long dev stream and a preview of some new deluxe skins coming to the game!

Source: Warframe. Thanks Sophiskiai!

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Hmm, I’ve never seen MJ even mention Warframe. TSW yes, Warframe no. Welcome to the bandwagon (MR 17 here) The TSW death spiral continues.

MJ Guthrie
MJ Guthrie

I sure hope to be there again. Maybe can see some MOP folks there ?


Amazing game, much better than Destiny 2.