World of Warcraft hosts a massive roleplaying event to celebrate the defeat of the Legion

World of Warcraft hosts a massive roleplaying event to celebrate the defeat of the Legion

If you think about World of Warcraft’s Moon Guard server, you probably make some jokes about ERP in Goldshire and move on with your life. But there’s a lot more to the server than that, as demonstrated by the massive RP event hosted on the server recently. What was the theme? Celebrating the defeat of the Burning Legion by the forces of the Alliance.

That is, you might acquiesce, a pretty good reason for a celebration. And you can even check out a gallery of shots for precisely the event just below.

Players marched through Redridge Mountains as part of a parade for all those who fought against the demons, followed by speeches and celebration in Lakeshire. It’s a pretty cool large-scale event, and it’s well worth taking a look at both the gallery and the memories of players who took part in the event. If you’re jealous, you could always try to host one for your own server, to boot.

Source: Reddit, Imgur

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Bruno Brito


Kickstarter Donor

This is a great example of how vibrant RP communities can be in a game. I really miss my RP times from AO and from Second Life. Both of those had wonderful RP communities. I agree that more stories of this nature would be welcomed.

Toy Clown

I love seeing Massively cover RP events in a positive light. Should do more of these types of articles!

Dobie Gillis

You are right! I won’t play wow anymore and pretty much don’t care, but this story I actually wanted to read! Love me some fluffy community pieces!


Nice, stuff like this is why I always roll on a RP server.

Dug From The Earth

cool. one of the reasons mmorpgs are still around today, despite the drought of quality new pickings.

title was kinda misleading though. Made it sound like blizzard was doing an event, not just players in the game.

Malcolm Swoboda

Agreed (‘misleading’).