Worlds Adrift squashes bugs and previews settings windows for its next patch

Good! That's good.

Settings, glorious settings! The new settings menus are coming to Worlds Adrift in patch 0.1.7, and you can check them out in detail. Sure, they’re not the most visually dazzling things in the world, but they’re clean and efficient and let you tweak settings, improve game performance by toggling bits off as needed, and they work. They’re also one of the many features the team is hard at work on for the aforementioned patch.

Team members are also working hard at fixing bugs, most of them more about polish or weird crashes, making the game look better and run more reliably for everyone. The team has also sounded off on character wipes, reminding players that the wipes have always been in the cards and were announced long ago whilst simultaneously apologizing for poor communication this time around. Check out the full list of specific issues, and get fired up for the next patch to bring in some extra configuration options.

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