Neverwinter hosts a stream on the state of the game

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So, how are things going for Neverwinter? Probably all right? It’s hard to be sure without an actual state of the game dispatch from the development team. You know, like the one that’s going to be integrated with a developer stream happening in just 30 minutes, right here. (Well, all right, happening with Twitch but embedded here.) Hear about how the game did last year and where it’s headed in 2018 direct from lead designer Thomas Ross and community manager Julia Fredrickson.

In addition to the overarching “state of the game” discussion, the team on-screen will also be answering old community questions and taking some questions live, so if you can make it for the actual stream you may well be rewarded for your patience. We’re not going to be liveblogging this particular one, but if there are enterprising viewers in the comments, you may feel free to be our guests.


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Returning player here. Watched the stream. They apologized, sort-of, for some Stronghold-related stuff and explained their recent problems with the Foundry. Basically, they bot all the Foundries each patch to make sure they’re playable, and with 600,000 Foundries that’s a lot of botting (although there are only 500 Featured + 2000 other Foundries they really care about).

No new playable class is coming in the next few mods — so, not this year, maybe next. Didn’t mention any new races either.

Indigo Salma

Stopped playing it 2 years ago. Unless they do something about the cash shop infused systems, I’m never gonna touch this again…

Dug From The Earth

sorta inevitable with many Free 2 play games.

Id almost be interested in a zero cash shop but a subscription cost option

Kickstarter Donor
Bhima Jenkins

It is one of the most scummy of cash shop games out there. There are a bajillion different currencies, ridiculous amount of grind that demand your attention daily, terrible systems design make it completely alt unfriendly all in the name of pushing you to their cash shop. This is a game that was a cash shop first, then they tacked some type of game onto it instead of the other way around.


Neverwinter is one of the friendliest business models out there. The game store currency (Zen) is exchangeable for the currency you earn in-game (AD), meaning you can buy anything in the cash shop simply by playing. Back in Mod 5, I was earning the equivalent of $1-$2 store credit every day just by playing, and on a good day a lot more than that.

on whales
”But”, you object, “the problem is with players using Zen, which they buy with dollars, to buy AD, and then buy everything in the game.” Well, it is true that players can spend a ridiculous amount of real money on gear. However, there is no need to do it. Outside of PVP, I have not encountered any content that required me to spend money. Sometimes I don’t have the gear to do content, but you know what, I just work for it in-game like you would in any MMO. Your guild will help here.

alt friendly

Speaking to Bhima — yes Neverwinter is alt-friendly, because I can move AD from my main to my alts or vice-versa. Plus — the more alts you have, the more AD you can make every day. Also, you know, just because you have several hours worth of dailies you can do for each character, does not mean you need to do all of them. Remember that you are there to have fun.

To Dug — subscriptions are extortion. You wouldn’t stand for a subscription on a single-player game. I won’t pay them for an MMO either. I have been there, done that, no thank you.