Star Trek Online braces for a mirror universe invasion on consoles

This is new, this is new, this is new.
The Mirror Universe has been a persistent enemy in Star Trek Online since the earliest days of the game, because it sure is helpful to be able to repurpose Federation ships as enemies. Also, there are lots of episodes in which the crews of various ships have to deal with their evil mirror counterparts, so that helps to. And console players are going to need to work hard to repel another invasion by the Mirror Universe on the console version, which is kicking off today and running through February 8th.

Players will have to travel to various rifts and stabilize them before shutting them, stemming the flood of ships into the main reality (i.e., the one we live in). There’s an associated reputation project players can undertake that rewards extra Dilithium and Marks of your choice, along with new Mirror Universe Dual Pistols for successfully completing the project and fighting back the invaders. So get ready to face your dark mirrors on consoles… unless you play a Klingon captain, in which case it’s more a matter of blowing up people you already blow up but slightly meaner than normal.


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Rees Racer

I used Mirror ships as much as possible…until it became too unviable due to the superior quality/stats of the regular (and C-Store) versions.

I really enjoyed this game for years, and I’m a huge Star Trek fan. But I think this title has finally outlived its engine and game-mechanics. I wouldn’t mind Cryptic (yes, I said it) starting over.

If the Tarantino version of Star Trek makes it to the cinema by 2019-20…this game will be done. There will too much of a younger audience to spend time and money in a Star Trek universe where a captain can declare:

“And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my (Emperor). And you will know…the (Terran Empire) when I lay my vengeance upon thee!”


I’ve actually made it all the way to late game (the Lukari Restoration) on advanced difficulty with my two Mirror science vessels. Concerning not being viable, I’m assuming you’re talking about elite STF’s and PvP, no?

I reluctantly have to agree though that the game is aging and especially in need of a graphic overhaul on the player avatars.

As regards the rumored Tarantino Trek, this seems all wrong and way out of line with the ‘hope for the future’ Roddenberry vision (come to think of it, ditto for the excessively dark and mean-spirited Discovery series). Don’t get me wrong, I loved Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Jackie Brown, but I just don’t think he’s the right person for Trek. My pick for a new Trek would be Christopher Nolan, far and away the best of the current generation of directors.


Looks like they’re following the Discovery plotline.