Just Survive brings construction improvements to the test server

Instead of not surviving, do so.

The next update for Just Survive is up for testing, and it’s all about raiding bases. Not just in the sense of encouraging you to do so, though; the patch improves construction mechanics by adding another tier of materials and allowing you an easier time building things. It also makes it harder to besiege and destroy structures, so it’ll take more effort for people to break down your walls and blow up your hard-built structures.

Construction costs have also been reduced, along with several other balance changes meant to improve the overall raiding environment. You’ll also have an easier time fueling your raiding ventures with craftable Yeast to lead into plenty of Ethanol. Check out the full list of changes on the test server on the official site, which should force more of a risk-reward analysis when setting out to raid the structures of other players within the environment.


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