Linkrealms is sunsetting today


Sad news this morning: Linkrealms is sunsetting, today if our read of the letter sent to players yesterday is correct, since today is the end of the month. Players posted the email up on the Steam forums:

“Here we are at the end. I suppose everyone had a sense that this announcement was coming: the Linkrealms servers will be shutting down at the end of the month. Linkrealms was the result of endless hours of hard work and investment, creativity and dedication, but it never achieved any traction in the real world market. The game has been coasting down for a year and now there’s nothing left to fund the servers – reality has caught up with us all. We developers have truly enjoyed working on the game and hope you all had fun in the Linkrealms world. Below you can find a couple games that we think you might like now that Linkrealms is gone. Goodbye, and thank you for being with us in this long, exciting journey!”

Linkrealms was an isometric, indie sandbox plainly inspired in part by Ultima Online; it first hit beta in 2011 and made its way to Steam in 2016.

That’s probably why the developers suggest former players migrate to UO, as well as to Legends of Aria and to Fractured, the latter of which was apparently founded by a pair of Linkrealms devs. Our sympathies go out to all the players and devs losing a virtual home today.

Source: Steam. Thanks, Eboni and Zoran!

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John Mclain

Good riddance, the community was vile trash, and the developers actively and openly supported bottling and cheating. Let it burn.


That’s sad news. I played it for a few weeks sometime during beta and enjoyed it a lot. It seemed to be well coded.


It’s always unfortunate to hear that a game is shutting down. I remember playing Linkrealms during its beta, and it seems true to its UO inspiration, but i never stuck with it since my UO days are long gone. Best of luck to the devs!