Black Desert players are up in arms about a very nice (and very expensive) tent

Don't camp here.
So let’s talk a little bit about camping! Black Desert recently added the option of setting up campsites to the game, which gives you a chance to repair, buy buffs, and otherwise rest up when far from civilization. It’s time-limited and expensive, but it means that you can operate on longer journeys effectively. Unless you buy the $50 cash shop tent, which affords you a whole lot of bonuses compared to the normal tent. It has no expiration, cheaper repairs, longer-term buffs, and player testing has revealed it gives access to every single villa buff with any villa invitation.

To recap, that’s $50 for repair prices a tenth of the normal tent cost, no need to re-invest money in it, and access to even more buffs for longer.

Players are obviously upset about the item’s addition to the cash shop, with many discussing it as a pay-to-win item due to the overwhelming advantage it gives to any players willing to drop money on it. That’s including the players who think it’s overpriced but still see it as a necessary investment to play the game in a reasonable fashion. If you’re a little unclear on how the system works, you can check out a fan video just below explaining the mechanics from the game’s Korean version.

Source: Reddit (1, 2, 3, 4), Official Forums, YouTube; thanks to Carl for the tip!
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