Elder Scrolls Online previews update 17’s new storage and cosmetic customization options

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When the B2P Dragon Bones DLC launches for Elder Scrolls Online on February 12th, it won’t launch alone. Update 17 launches the same day, for everyone, as a free patch for the game. In a new dev blog today, ZeniMax teases the three main features going live.

Home storage is a pretty big deal, especially for anyone concerned with having too much stuff (like craft mats). New chests can hold 30 or 60 items, and they’re magic – items you put in one will show up in the chests in all your homes.

ZeniMax is also touting its improved “level-up experience.” It’s basically an infodump when you level up that gives you advice on how to access new skills and build your toon out so you don’t suck. It’ll grant rewards sometimes too.

Finally, there’s the new outfit system, which as we’ve previously covered allows players the chance to swap per-slot cosmetics to change how they look in-game.

“With the new Outfit System you can use Outfit Stations (previously known as Dye Stations) to select specific styles and dyes for gear slots, changing the visual appearance and color of the armor and weapons placed in those slots. Each slot you customize with the Outfit System requires payment in gold to finalize, or you can purchase Outfit Change Tokens from the Crafting section of the in-game Crown Store. One Outfit Change Token will allow you to customize an entire Outfit, regardless of how many slots are required.”


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“Home storage is a pretty big deal, especially for anyone concerned with having too much stuff (like craft mats)”

Crafting materials are basically why I keep paying for Elder Scrolls Online’s subscription service, so I don’t have to deal with them. That crafting bag that holds all crafting materials if you’re a subscriber is too big of a deal for me.

Though if you like to spend Crowns once and a while, you basically get Crowns worth the same price as your subscription each month anyway, so all in all it’s not a bad deal. Still I mainly keep subscribing to it so I can collect everything without worrying about dealing with crafting material inventory.

I can’t imagine the horrible overflow problem I’d have if I tried to play without a subscription.

Toy Clown

I’d like to check out the new level-up experience when it arrives. I admit to being the worst player ever, and as long as I can fight my way out of a wet paper sack and get content done, I’m good!


Oh so houses are finally useful for something? Neat. Game of the Year material…lol

Nice to hear about the customization options though. I found them very frustrating the last time I played that I couldn’t quite do what I wanted on most of my characters and ended up having to opt for some pre-fab cash shop setup because the armor with the set bonuses I wanted ended up leaving me looking like some tree hugging elf hippy replete in fur rags and twigs.

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Alex Willis

Home storage is a pretty big deal

Understatement of the year! This is a HUGE deal, and a double-whammy: 1) STORRRRAAAGE and 2) more reasons to get into a pretty-but-underdeveloped housing system. I think the synergies with the crown store are reasonable, too: it’s a way for people who want to spend money, but not sub, to obtain more storage. (Also: more reasons to go back to the Imperial City. That’s gotta be a good thing.)

Basically, excellent news coming out in these updates in the last few weeks.


(Also: more reasons to go back to the Imperial City. That’s gotta be a good thing.)

Or wherever you have a house, as the chests will be linked across all your houses. No need to return to a specific one in order to access your stash.