Citadel: Forged With Fire’s great golem would like to kindly step on your face


Just because a creature is huge, hulking, and incredibly powerful doesn’t necessarily mean that it wants to crush you under its feet and grind your bones to powder in its maw. That said, this is totally the M.O. of Citadel’s newest foe, the great golem.

You can choose to stand up to the great golem, an animated creature made of wood and stone, or run away. Just because no one has ever faced one and lived to tell the tale doesn’t mean that you won’t be the first. You probably won’t, if we consider statistics, but there is always the possibility of you being an outlier.

The golem came with the game’s January 31st patch: “This beast has been dormant in hibernation for hundreds of years and has awoken to become a major threat to careless Wizards and Warriors. Great golems are high level creatures who pack a serious punch whether at distance or close range. Those who wish to take out these giants should stock up on healing items and bring their friends.”

Source: Steam
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