Neverwinter talks about game fixes, puts the final touches on the Cradle of the Death God

Cryptic’s state of the game livestream came out earlier this week for Neverwinter… and it was not quite as groundbreaking as you might have hoped.

The studio admitted that random queues still aren’t working well and require more adjustments, such as possible level scaling tech. They also discussed the foundry on the PlayStation 4, fixes for the Throne of the Nine Gods challenge, love for PvP, and answered questions from the community.

Meanwhile, Cryptic continues to prepare the community for the Lost City of Omu module. Part of that content update will be the Cradle of the Death God epic trial, which as its name may suggest, is not going to be a walk in the park. “This time around the battle won’t be taking place in a single room,” the studio said. “Instead, your adventuring party will be descending even further into Acererak’s Tomb, with the encounter taking place in three major acts.”

This month, the MMO Bookclub has elected to play through Neverwinter. Check out the subreddit for more info if you want to join the community.


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