Valentione’s Day returns to Final Fantasy XIV

when yo crush read yo note that say lemme smash
It’s that time of February once again, and that means Lisette de Valentione is arriving from Ishgard to spread her message of love while presumably meddling in someone else’s private life without permission or request. Seriously, if you’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV for a while you’re used to Lisette being this way. And now you can take part in the antics again with the latest Valentione’s Day celebration, starting today and running until February 15th.

There’s even a new decorative area for this year’s storyline, as the latest development blog shows off. It also shows off the two new mounts added with this event, two halves of the broken heart chair that can either make a single heart in the sky or leave you with half a heart floating glumly. But it’s half a heart with a different sitting pose, at least! That should take some of the edge off, right?

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