Aion’s new stigma is actually a good thing

Good, great, grand.
Aion’s new dungeons aren’t the only exciting features coming in Update 5.8: The Divine Fortress. NCsoft has another present hidden behind its back for good little boys and girls: an additional stigma slot for all characters.

The studio said that unlocking it won’t be too hard: “To use this stigma slot, open the stigma window and check in the tooltip to see which of your stigmas still need to be improved upon. As soon as you fill all six stigma slots with correspondingly upgraded stigmas, the seventh slot will open to you and you will become stronger than ever before.”

The community team also posted a video in which it announced that the old “Ask Aion” show was being retired in favor of a new “Dev Tavern” format. The upcoming shows will talk about the patch, the community, and the future.

Source: Aion